Semi-Permanent Make-up Options

New technology has given us even more opportunities to take advantage of revolutionary ways to look our best!  And what bride doesn't want to look her best on her wedding day?  Semi-permanent make-up is a long lasting alternative to some of our problem areas such as skimpy lashes and brows.  You can get fuller, lush eyelashes with eyelash extensions.  Lasting much longer than the "false eyelashes" from the drugstore, they are individually glued at the base of your natural lashes.  Eyelash extensions add length and volume to your natural lashes.  Seek out a professional who uses high quality products.  Applying the least amount of glue will give you a more natural look.  Stay away from cheap glue, as it contains harmful irritants.  They will last for a long time (through your honeymoon).  Maintenance is about every two weeks to replace the individual lashes that will be lost.

What if your brows are sparse?  Micro blading is the way to go!  This is the perfect solution to those of us who had over-tweezed our brows when we were younger, and are now paying the price for it.  Micro blading are a series of tiny strokes, made with a needle (like a tattoo), creating the look of natural hairs.  While the procedure is not completely pain free, it is definitely worth it.  Micro blading can last for a year and a half to three years, with regular follow up appointments, and can be pretty pricey ($500 - $1,000 & up).  You definitely want to find a technician that is specialized in this field.

For thin lips, try a semi-permanent lip liner; or, go all out and get a full lip color.  You can also try a lip stain.  Lip stain is painted on, and once it dries, it is peeled off, leaving the color behind, for up to ten hours.

Because pigment is implanted into the skin's dermal layer, with some of these alternative make-up options, they are considered semi-permanent.  This varies greatly from a tattoo, which is considered permanent, because the pigment is implanted into the layers beneath the dermis.

While semi-permanent make-up appears like a great option to perfect your imperfections, you should only have these procedures done by a professional who has the proper credentials. Make sure the facility is clean and that they follow all of the health and safety procedures and regulations.


Searching for the Best Wedding Makeup Artist?

Wedding makeup is of extreme importance for any bride on her big day. Her goal is to look the best she possibly can. To achieve this, one must hire an exceptional wedding makeup artist. However, it is sometimes hard to find the best one in your area. Here are some tips on choosing your wedding makeup artist:

How to Find a Great Wedding Makeup Artist

  1. Wedding Makeup Artist in NJ & NYCKeep Your Eyes Out for an Exceptional Wedding Makeup Artist: Everybody is invited to a wedding every so often. If you ever see a bride with amazing makeup, ask her who did it and get the artists contact information ASAP! Even if you're not planning on getting married anytime soon, you will eventually want that amazing bridal makeup job for yourself. You can also look for a wedding makeup artist online, but make sure your source is trusted and legitimate.
  2. Look for Good Traits: An ideal wedding makeup artist should do great work but have a friendly and calming personality as well to help your nerves on your big day. Reliability, confidence, and responsibility are also important traits too look for in your wedding makeup artist.
  3. Pricing: Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Although prices do vary a lot, a professional starting rate for one person should usually run you around $500. Depending on what you want, how long it takes, the size of the makeup artist team, and how many people in the bridal party are getting makeup done, prices could easily run into the thousands.
  4. Wedding Makeup Artist Red Flags to Avoid: One of the biggest things to avoid is a wedding makeup artist with an arrogant "know it all" attitude. Another big thing to avoid are artists that seem uninterested in your needs and have a stinky attitude as well. It's key for the bride and her wedding makeup artist to work well together. One last thing to avoid are makeup artists who aren't clean. Make sure any tools used on your face are disposable to ensure it hasn't been used on someone else's in the past!

Looking for a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist in North NJ or NYC?

Have you spent months planning the perfect wedding or event, but still looking for a professional bridal makeup artist in the NJ & NYC area?  Beauty On Location offers professional makeup and bridal makeup services to the Northern NJ and NYC area and has years of experience!. Call today at (908)938-1236 or visit our NYC & NJ Wedding Makeup Artist Homepage.

Make-up Tips For The Mother Of The Bride

Almost as important as the bride on her wedding day, is the mother of the bride.  While not wanting to take away from her daughter's big day, the mother of the bride still wants to look her best!  After all, everyone will be asking "where is the bride's mother"?

To reduce the appearance of fine lines and even skin tone, use a primer.  A primer can help your foundation last from morning until night and will give you the look of a flawless complexion.  Your foundation should be moisturizing and lightweight; not cakey.  To eliminate a shiny reflection in pictures, apply a light dusting of loose powder after your foundation...but use sparingly.  Apply the powder to your forehead, nose and chin.  Don't forget to add a concealer to help conceal dark circles under your eyes, which will make you look more rested.  As a rule of thumb, your concealer should match your foundation.

Your eyes are the most focal point of your face.  For eyeshadows, use a matt shadow in soft colors.  Avoid dark colors and glittery products.  Shimmery make-up will accentuate lines and creases.  If you use an eyeliner, try using a soft glide pencil, that you can blend instead of a liquid eyeliner.  Liquid liners cause a lot of grief for more mature women because of the delicate skin on our eyelids tend to become loose as we age, making it difficult to draw a smooth line.  A blendable, soft glide pencil provides eye definition by gently smudging the line and blending with an applicator.  To ensure your make-up looks fresher longer, try blending your soft glide pencil with a coordinating matte eye shadow, for a natural effect.

Eyebrows should frame your face and give you an instant facelift. Use a subtle shade of eyebrow pencil to fill in or shape your eyebrows.

Don't skimp on the lip liner.  A good lip liner will keep the lipstick from bleeding into fine lines in the lip area and will give your lips a fuller appearance.

With the right make-up, you can look 10 years younger!  Hire a make-up consultant, who can do just that.  Be sure to meet with her ahead of time to discuss the look you want.





Winter Wedding Makeup Tips

winter wedding bridal tipsWinter wedding season hasn’t begun yet but the season of preparations for winter nuptials is on, and we start our winter-dedicated roundups with winter wedding makeup tips and ideas.

Winter wedding makeup is tricky just like summer makeup because at least some of the photos are going to be taken outside, and it may be really cold there. Besides, the difference of temperatures may be even more harmful for your skin than cold itself. To look shiny, gorgeous and chic on your big day in the winter read our tips and look at the ideas.

In the fall and winter your skin is thirstier than in any other season, that’s why you need to update your skincare regimen as soon as it’s cold outside and emphasize hydration. Don’t try a lot of new products to avoid irritation, just swap a couple of things to make your skin as plump and moisturized as possible. It will make all the difference for creating a flawless canvas for your wedding day.

Take a short break from SPF products. The extra slickness from an SPF is tricky because sometimes it can eat through your makeup, especially if you have oily skin. Plus, sunscreens tend to give your face a weird, paled out look in photos, particularly in outdoor pictures where there’s a harsh reflection of light from white snow.

Apply a smart combo of liquid and powder formulas. Since your skin is drier in the winter, liquid and cream formulas will hydrate and provide coverage at the same time. Creamy blushes and highlighters not only look really natural, they are easier than powders when you need to touch up after shedding a tear or two during your ceremony. Cream formulas will hydrate and provide coverage at the same time, that's what you need in the winter.
Consider a colorful punch to your wedding makeup. A subtly smokey eye or a classic red lip can look particularly gorgeous against a white dress and a snowy setting in photos. Plus, bolder colors tends to have stronger, longer lasting pigments that won’t wear off like lighter neutrals.
bold lips amazing with a white dress and in the snowy backdrop

Stock up on waterproof formulas. This is the time to invest in high quality products with long-wear and waterproof formulas, or make sure your makeup artist has them handy. Cold air and harsh winds will probably make you teary-eyed way before you’re ready to walk down the aisle. So if you’re worried about smudging, apply a cream shadow on your lids and use it as an anchor for a waterproof powder shadow. And of course, top it off with a water-resistant mascara for an eye makeup look that will stay put.
waterproof makeup will help you to withstand cold air and harsh winds

Work with winter light. Make sure to opt for light-reflecting foundations and concealers, which bounce away the bluish tone to neutralize your skin. Then stick to blue-toned lipsticks and blushers instead of warmer, orange-toned makeup, as the color won’t shift when you step outside, and is more likely to flatter your skin.

Do you have any tips for Winter wedding brides?