Make-up Tips For The Mother Of The Bride

Almost as important as the bride on her wedding day, is the mother of the bride.  While not wanting to take away from her daughter's big day, the mother of the bride still wants to look her best!  After all, everyone will be asking "where is the bride's mother"?

To reduce the appearance of fine lines and even skin tone, use a primer.  A primer can help your foundation last from morning until night and will give you the look of a flawless complexion.  Your foundation should be moisturizing and lightweight; not cakey.  To eliminate a shiny reflection in pictures, apply a light dusting of loose powder after your foundation...but use sparingly.  Apply the powder to your forehead, nose and chin.  Don't forget to add a concealer to help conceal dark circles under your eyes, which will make you look more rested.  As a rule of thumb, your concealer should match your foundation.

Your eyes are the most focal point of your face.  For eyeshadows, use a matt shadow in soft colors.  Avoid dark colors and glittery products.  Shimmery make-up will accentuate lines and creases.  If you use an eyeliner, try using a soft glide pencil, that you can blend instead of a liquid eyeliner.  Liquid liners cause a lot of grief for more mature women because of the delicate skin on our eyelids tend to become loose as we age, making it difficult to draw a smooth line.  A blendable, soft glide pencil provides eye definition by gently smudging the line and blending with an applicator.  To ensure your make-up looks fresher longer, try blending your soft glide pencil with a coordinating matte eye shadow, for a natural effect.

Eyebrows should frame your face and give you an instant facelift. Use a subtle shade of eyebrow pencil to fill in or shape your eyebrows.

Don't skimp on the lip liner.  A good lip liner will keep the lipstick from bleeding into fine lines in the lip area and will give your lips a fuller appearance.

With the right make-up, you can look 10 years younger!  Hire a make-up consultant, who can do just that.  Be sure to meet with her ahead of time to discuss the look you want.