Based on the the advice from a number experienced wedding makeup artists, here are a few wedding day tips which may help you on your big day.

1 – When getting your hair and make-up done, you’ll want something loose fitting and comfortable. Dressing gowns are great, as are big button up shirts or a tops; something you can easily get over your head when your hair is done.

2 – Unless your dress has shoulders/sleeves you’ll also probably not want bra straps so I tend to advise clients to slip off their straps and not wear socks in the morning. Like any of you need an excuse for comfy slippers!?

3 – In prep for make-up I’d always say in the weeks prior to wedding day to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, get plenty of water, and sleep.  I really appreciate that this is easier said than done when you’ve a hundred of things on your mind but making an effort to do them will improve your mood, your skin and your general health.


4 – Take the opportunity while you can to sit down. You’re going to be on your feet all day, meeting, greeting, dancing, toasting etc, so in the morning chill out a bit.

5 – Breakfast. Eat some! You’ve a long day ahead, even if it’s just a biscuit every hour something in your tummy will help you. The butterflies might not get you but at least fuelling your body for what’ll be a long day believe me, you’ll need the energy.