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Do you use airbrush or traditional makeup?

All of our artists are skilled in both methods, ensuring you get the perfect look for any occasion. We use the Era Airbrush System, a professional-grade airbrush system known for its flawless and lightweight application that is frequently used on the Red Carpet. You can consult with your artist at the onset of the trial which method might be best for you.

How is my artist selected?

When selecting an artist for your booking, we consider two primary factors: availability and proximity to the venue. Additionally, all our artists have been carefully chosen through a rigorous selection process. We prioritize finding artists whose styles align with our natural beauty brand’s philosophy and aesthetics. Their portfolios and previous works are reviewed to ensure their expertise matches the standards we maintain. If you have a specific artist you are interested in working with, please consult with your bridal coordinator.

Will the artist doing my trial be the same artist as my wedding day?

Yes, absolutely! The artist who performs your trial session will be the same artist who will be dedicated to creating your bridal look on your wedding day.

What is a courtesy hold?

A courtesy hold means that we reserve your wedding day exclusively for you during a specific period. In our case, this period starts from the moment the trial is scheduled and extends until 3 days after the trial has taken place. During the courtesy hold period, your chosen wedding date is protected, and no other bookings will be accepted for that date. This ensures that you have ample time to make an informed decision about securing our services for your special day.

To confirm and finalize the booking, we require two essential steps:

  1. Signed Contract: Within the 3-day period after the trial, we ask that you review and sign the contract, indicating your agreement to work with us on your wedding day.
  2. $100 Deposit: Along with the signed contract, we kindly request a $100 deposit to be submitted within the same 3-day window. This is non-refundable and credited towards the final bill.

When should I book my trial?

When it comes to booking a trial, we have observed that brides tend to approach trials in two different ways, each with its unique advantages:

Immediate trial, contract/deposit after: Some brides prefer to schedule a trial session with the artist as soon as possible and then proceed to sign the contract right after the trial. This approach allows them to check off one important task from their wedding planning list early on. By securing the artist they like through the contract, they gain confidence in knowing that their wedding day look is in capable hands.

Immediate contract/deposit, trial closer to the wedding day: Because we book up very quickly, on the other hand, some brides opt to schedule their trial session closer to the wedding day. This way, the experience and results of the trial remain fresh in their minds, making it easier to communicate any specific adjustments or changes they desire. This also allows for any changes in personal preferences or wedding theme, ensuring the final look aligns perfectly with the bride’s vision for her special day. We are confident you will love your look, but if it does not feel like the right fit, we can schedule a second trial with another artist for your big day.

We accommodate both preferences and encourage brides to choose the option that best suits their individual needs and preferences!

How are trials scheduled?

Trials are scheduled on weekdays (Tuesday-Thursdays) based on your artists’ availability. During the winter months, we can often accommodate Saturday trials but we do not have availability for weekend trials during wedding season. If Tuesday-Thursday does not work for you, please inquire with your bridal coordinator about scheduling an on location trial ($200 plus a travel fee).

How do you calculate travel fees?

To calculate travel fees for our wedding services, we use a structured approach that takes into account various factors to ensure fair and transparent pricing. Here’s how we determine travel fees:

  1. Base Travel Fee: The base travel fee for all weddings is $50. This fee covers the essential travel expenses associated with getting our artist to your venue.
  2. Distance from the Venue: We consider the distance between the artist’s location and the wedding venue. The farther the distance, the higher the travel fee (travel fees range from $50-$250 per artist). This helps us cover the cost of transportation and time spent traveling.
  3. Cost of Travel: The actual cost of travel, such as gas, tolls, or public transportation, is factored into the travel fee to ensure that our artists can reach your venue comfortably.
  4. Time Spent Traveling: The time spent by the artist in transit to your venue is taken into consideration. This accounts for the time and effort required for travel.
  5. Special Areas: For weddings in specific locations such as Hoboken, NYC, and Jersey City, there will be a flat travel fee of $150 for each artist, regardless of distance. This accounts for the higher costs and logistics associated with these areas.
  6. Hotel Stay Fees: If your venue is located over an hour and a half away (one way) from the artist’s location, and the wedding is scheduled to start before 8 am, hotel stay fees may apply. This is to ensure the artist’s convenience and punctuality. A. To calculate travel fees for our wedding services, we use a structured approach that takes into account various factors to ensure fair and transparent pricing. Here’s how we determine travel fees: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

The exact travel fees to your specific venue will be determined by consulting with your bridal coordinator. They will calculate the total travel expenses based on the distance, time, and any other relevant factors, providing you with the accurate and final travel fee for your wedding.

If you would like your artist to change locations mid-day (i.e. come to the venue, to the church, etc.) there is a $100 location change fee.

How many artists do I need?

Each of our master artists can provide services for up to 7 people. However, we do have a minimum requirement of 4 people for each artist’s booking. This means that if you have a group of at least 4 individuals, you can book one artist. The artist will be able to accommodate a maximum of 7 people from your group. For groups with fewer than 4 individuals, a fee of $150 per person will be applied for every person under the minimum requirement. This fee ensures that our artists’ time and expertise are adequately compensated, even for smaller groups. Additionally, please note that travel fees, early morning fees, and holiday fees are per artist fees and are applied to each artist you have. For larger parties, please ask your bridal coordinator how many artists you will need and how long it will take to complete all services.

Bridal Artist Pricing Chart

Access the full chart in our official FAQ pdf.

Are lashes included?

Lashes are included in our pricing for makeup services – we offer the option of strip, cluster, and individual lashes. During your trial session you and your artist can discuss and decide which type of lashes best complements your desired makeup look. Additionally, on the wedding day, your ladies will have the opportunity to discuss with the artist which lash suits them best as well.

When do you make my wedding day timeline?

Six weeks prior to your wedding day we send you a “Final Touches Questionnaire” where you can input your final details – including the number of services, “be ready” time, address, and day of contact details. We then use that questionnaire to create your timeline and invoice.

When is the final number of services due?

We recommend providing us with the exact number of services needed when you initially sign the contract. By letting us know the precise number of services at the contract stage, we can secure the necessary artists and resources for your wedding, preventing any scheduling conflicts or availability issues. This also ensures that our artists are not holding a date that they will no longer be needed for, as they decline other potential bookings to accommodate your event.

We understand that circumstances can change over time, and we want to be flexible to accommodate any adjustments that may arise. The final, locked-in number of services is due at the 6-month mark before your wedding day. At this point, you become financially liable for all the services outlined in your contract.

Can you do makeup for my bridal shower or rehearsal dinner?

Absolutely! We would be delighted to provide makeup services for your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. To ensure availability, we kindly ask that you inform us in advance if you’re interested in booking makeup services for either of these occasions.

It’s worth noting that Saturdays during the spring, summer, and fall tend to fill up quickly, so the sooner you let us know your plans, the better we can accommodate your request and secure your preferred date.

For capturing these precious moments, we’re proud to collaborate with the talented local photographer, Chris Hill. You can reach out to Chris directly via email at [email protected] or check out his stunning work on Instagram at @chillphotography.nj. Having a skilled photographer like Chris will ensure that these special memories are beautifully captured and preserved.

Should I get touchups?

For summer weddings or events where the weather is expected to be hot and humid, or if you anticipate shedding happy tears of joy, we highly recommend getting touchups. Touchups can help ensure that your makeup remains fresh, radiant, and flawless throughout the day, regardless of the weather conditions.

When is the final invoice due?

The $100 deposit is due at the time of the contract and is credited towards the final balance. The final invoice is sent about two weeks prior to the wedding, and final payment instructions will be included in that email.

Do you offer a la carte services?

Unfortunately we do not offer a la carte services, which means that individual components like lashes, shadow, or any other specific application cannot be separately requested.

What happens if my artist has an emergency on the day of my wedding?

While it has been our commitment to ensure that no bride is left without service on her special day, we understand that unforeseen emergencies can occur. In the event that your designated makeup artist encounters an emergency situation on your wedding day, rest assured that we will make every effort to secure a replacement artist who can fulfill all the services initially scheduled. In such a circumstance, we will refund your trial fee.

However, please be reassured that in our experience, we have never encountered a situation where we couldn’t provide a substitute artist. In the unlikely event that we are unable to secure a replacement artist, we will not only refund your trial fee but also refund the entire amount for the services, including the deposit.

Does the trial fee go toward the wedding day invoice?

No, the trial fee does not go toward the wedding day invoice. The trial fee is a separate and non-refundable charge, typically covering the cost of the trial makeup session and the time and expertise of the makeup artist. Wedding day services are billed separately.

What if I don’t like my makeup artist?

If you’re not satisfied with your initial makeup artist, we will diligently work to pair you with an alternative makeup artist who better aligns with your desired style and preferences. We place great importance on ensuring your comfort and confidence in your makeup artist, and we will go the extra mile to make sure your bridal experience is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible!

Your trial with your new artist will be offered at a 50% discount, as our way of ensuring your happiness and confidence in your makeup artist choice!